Articles from a Former Age

Here are some links to my collected college opinion columns from The Dartmouth and also a few pieces I wrote for NextGenJournal.  I was considering putting them into some sort of order, but decided that that was a bit much.  I can’t vouch for the quality of *all* of them, but even the weaker links probably yield some insight into the artist as a young man.  Also, quite conveniently, if you happen to be stalking me for any particular reason, this is the place to be:

“Stop the Whoppers”

“Overhearing the Abyss”

“Keeping Perspective”

“The Catcher in Cornish”

“What’s Loving Got to Do with It?”

“Profane Tank”

“A MADD Initiative?”

“Sufi Solidarity”

“The Treehouse Effect”

“Seeing Through Our Shrouds”

“Playing Devil’s Advocate”

“A Naked Lunch in Hanover”

“Political Animals” (Gwen Ifill or one of her interns or computers apparently liked this)

“Rumi Knows Best”

“Looking Under the Hype”

“The Meat of Moral Authority”

“A Misinterpreted Gospel”

“Blue Moon”

“Our First Frat”

“Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Apathy”

“Undeserved Anthem”

“Committing to Memory”

“On Being a Scholar and Not Selling Out”

From NextGenJournal:

“An Apology for Infinite Immaturity”

“Why I Am Not a Nerd”

“A People Without History”


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